Super Human

by Quasiviri

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    11 tracks - 54'26"
    Released by Bloody Sound Fucktory, FalloDischi, HysM?, Megaplomb, Morte Records, To Lose La Track and Wallace Records

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Running time: 54:26
Tracks: 11
Released by Bloody Sound Fucktory, FalloDischi, HysM?, Megaplomb, Morte Records, To Lose La Track and Wallace Records.


released February 15, 2014

Roberto Rizzo, synth & vocals
Chet Martino, eight string bass & vocals
André Arraiz-Rivas, drums & vocals

With Nicola Ratti, guitar on "Seasons Of Love"

Lyrics by André Arraiz-Rivas

Recorded by Roberto Rizzo, Fabio Intraina and Mauro Maccarini
and mixed by Quasiviri at Trai Studio
Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà

Artwork by Chet




Quasiviri Milano, Italy

Quasiviri are a trio that formed in 2006 in Milan, Italy, made up of Chet Martino (Ronin, Pin Pin Sugar) on eight string bass, Roberto Rizzo (R.U.N.I.) on synth and André Arraiz-Rivas (Mondongo, Satan Is My Brother) on drums.

Their records are released by Wallace Records, To Lose La Track and Megaplomb.
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Track Name: Sound Is Now!
In the space and time of
The present moment
There is a sound that bleeds through
All of the ages
We think we can ignore it
But we cannot choose the
Sound of our own torment
If we could just learn to
Listen to the sound of no things, all things
Turning, churning, burning, sounding at last
Track Name: The Perennial Pose
Hold this pose
the mask implodes
this gaze unsheathes
a truth untold
Eat this rose
it tastes so old
no love to feed
its veins grow cold

The perennial pose is so composed
it never shows what we think or what we
feel but only strikes a note so bland
that those too near can't help but
pose themselves
If you're trapped in the perennial pose
and can't disclose the terror that you feel
focus on the sound that you hear now,
you'll realize the pose has disappeared

Stand on guard
with no regard
for chance to creep
into your heart
without within
beyond our skin
is life unknown
but much akin
Track Name: No One To Blame
If the lonely divide so that many can thrive
There will be no mistake in the faults that are made.
Only you can obtain what so many disdain.
What some call others claim and there's no one to blame.
Track Name: Thoughts Vs. Feelings
When I see you I
can't come near you I
won't give in to this life.
I seek shelter within
a cave where the
darkness consoles my beating heart.
In this cave there is
no one to compromise
the rules within my mind.
All the rules that I've
held so close cannot
save my hope, I come undone.

From this cup full of
tears I drink to the
times when we forget ourselves.

I feel
I won't think anymore
I am yours.
Track Name: Gravidance
Grabbin' your hair
Slammin' your back
Squeezing into
Your sacred crack


Rammin' it hard
Slappin' that ass
Bustin' a nut
Trying to last


Rise – Fall
Twist – Shout
Push – In
Pull – Out
Come – Slow
Come – Fast
Come – Hard
Come – Last
Track Name: Seasons of Love
Did you see my friend last summer?
Was he looking real fine in the green light?
Did he kiss your neck and you liked it?
I bet you had a real great time.

Did you go to school last autumn?
Did you get thrill chills when you saw him?
Was he wearing new torn denim?
I bet you had a real great flirt.

Did you fuck my friend last winter?
Was he wearing long johns and a pistol?
Did he stick you up and you liked it?
I bet you sucked his real big dick.

Did you see my friend last springtime?
Did he rub you off when you saw him?
Was he with some other silly bitch?
I bet she had a real big dick.
Track Name: Super Human
Don't play me for the fool that I am
You will understand
Give us the benefit of the doubt
We won't let you down
Carved out of flesh and bone,
We are not simply things that groan
We can love, we can hate, we destroy
and we can create

We are a race apart
that loves to play the part
of the good and the bad
set the stage, fill the stands

From the dark comes a light
filling the crowd with quiet fright
Not a beast, nor a foe
simply a child that lets us know
Soon the dawn will come in
the form of self-subscribed chagrin
Helping us dawn the mask
to face the super human task
Track Name: Sweet Deconstruction
I've nothing left to say to you.
Why don't you leave, time will not subside.
If we abide by our rules
The contrary will tear us apart.
No knowledge, no inspiration
No desire, no supreme being
To save us in time of need.
Have faith in no probability.

No sense to this construction.
It's not senseless destruction.

I'd rather say sweet deconstruction.
Track Name: Smudge Life
Our lives rain down upon our heads
our canvas is wet.
The colours streak and smudge in time
with the dripping of our lives.

If we could stop the rain some day
and paint our own way
Maybe the colours would run clear
we would be so near.
The picture'd show what we have lived
or what we thought we did

These are the dribblings of our minds
they dribble in time
The rhythm that these drops create
paints colours in space.

This smudge that will not fade
Invades the worlds decay,
Enticing us to say:
“Smudge life is a good life.”
Track Name: These Wining Dogs
These wining dogs
Where do they run?
These wining dogs
Where do they run?

Over the pastures
They eat rotting grass

These wining dogs
They won't shut up
Track Name: Final Prayer
After all these years we can say the last thing left to do is pray.
Pray to the divine inside of us and choose in which god we trust.
Trust our time will come to an end, death awaits those who have no friends.
Friends and family may come to our graves but they'll know it's in vain.

The death we dreamt can't save our intent.
It was meant to give us hopelessness.
Inklings of our present cannot pass
On to the next present, we are dead.